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5 ways to increase Your Clout

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If you don’t have clout in  2018, 2019 is going to be even tougher ! For those who don’t know, clout is your popularity, influence or swag. If you did not catch up, no need to worry, Christmas is around the corner and the best way to get your clout up is to buy it!   Here are some quick and easy tips to get your clout up before the year ends.


Yes .Clout goggles are an instant way to increase your clout! You need your spectacles for the best view of your fit !

Popularized by SoundCloud rappers themselves (e.g. Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti), clout goggles will get some people thinking you have the clout. How cool and simple is that??

However, there are pros and cons. On the positive side, you get cool glasses that accurately have the clout in it’s name. On the negative side, you can’t always be wearing clout goggles wherever you go. If you do, you’ll simply be  known as the guy with da clout goggles! Wear them on special occasions or it’s sunny out and watch your clout soar

You can choose from a variety of colours or just go with the classic white version!

Playboi Carti sporting clout goggles

Playboi Carti sporting clout goggles!



Obtaining clout should not be an expensive journey but it is and  you must upgrade your wardrobe. This means buying popular designer and streetwear brands such as Supreme, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and more. Gucci Belt? The centerpiece of your outfit.  The Gucci embroidery and attention to detail cannot be ignored when wear it on your waist. Anything Gucci is worth buying but be smart, choosing between buying that Gucci belt or paying your rent ?–  is one of the  decisions you may have make on this journey. Be Smart. Spend wise.



For those who want to get their clout up, knowledge of the Hip Hop/ Rap music and fashion industry are very important. Think about this, how can you be wearing all these brands that you know nothing about and talking about all these rappers you never listen to. What would you offer people who actually have the clout in conversation? Nothing. Not Cool.  You have to listen to some fire beats man! SoundCloud rappers are always allowed. You always have at least one playlist for the car ride in case the homies need a ride or decide to carpool. Listen to your latest Migos and Waka Flocka.

Know what you’re talking about and watch your clout hit the roof!


clout up like the Migos!


Camp for sneaker releases:

Yes. Your sneakers are another ticket to your success in this your clout journey. They are vital. You must at least have one pair of fresh kicks to rock or else you might as well just stay home. Classic silhouettes are the one way to go. Anything from Air forces to Old School Vans is acceptable for that subtle simple flex.


Step 5

Groovy Hip Squad:

Remember, Like attracts like.  Clout recognises clout. Pick your squad wisely. 

To get the street cred you’ve always been wanting,hang out with others like yourself. The more diverse the better.

Good luck in your journey!

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5 Ways to Increased Your Clout

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