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Iced Out Diamond & Gold Grillz - OGClout
Iced Out Diamond & Gold Grillz - OGClout

Top quality Iced Out Diamond & Gold Grillz

Who do think I am ? Wear this grilltz.  See how  you arouse the curiosity of many more people. Others will find you simply intriguing and interesting. The quality of the grill cannot be found anywhere! Not at our Price anyway! Hundreds have already made the choice.. Why are you still thinking about it!

Just go for it!


  • Adjusts to any teeth size
  • Comes with manual on how to adjust your grill


This grill is not made up of real gold, silver, or diamonds. However it is the same quality and look and much more fairly priced!

Do not bend your grill (You can bend the hooks for adjusting purposes). You might accidentally break it.


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